Frequently Asked Questions about Whoosh electric scooter sharing.
How to rent a Whoosh electric scooter?
Install a free Whoosh app for iOS or Android. Get registered, with a payment method. If the Whoosh scooter is already near you, just scan the QR on the steering wheel. Then the application will tell you what to do.

If there is no Whoosh scooter nearby, open the "Find scooter" tab in the application and select a scooter that you want to rent on the map. Find it and scan the scooter's QR code. If you can't scan the QR code, just enter its name. It is written under the QR code on the steering wheel or on the map in the application.

For now you can only rent and return a Whoosh scooter on city bicycle parking racks within the Boulevard Ring of Moscow. However you can ride already within the whole Garden Ring of Moscow.

Service is available 24/7
What documents are required for the registration?
No documents are required. The registration takes a minute. You need to enter and confirm your e-mail, phone number and method of payment. That's it, you can rend a scooter and rush!
How to unlock?
Take it easy! Don't rush! Follow the manual/tutorial/instruction. You can find it in App.

Tap "Start ride" in App, it'll offer you to turn the lock on. Press the button on the lock. The App'll unlock scooter automatically. Give it a couple of seconds to unlock. Don't try to pull the bolt out of the lock head otherwise it'll be blocked. Sometimes the chain could be curled up tightly and this may cause bolt stuck inside the lockhead. In this case, lift the cable a little to let the bolt out.

If you have problems to unlock the scooter, try to turn off/on Bluetooth on your phone or reload the App. Don't finish the ride and after App's reloading it'll be active. There is "unlock" button on the ride screen when the ride is active. Check the Bluetooth connect. Tap the "unlock" button. The lock shall be open by now.

Please, don't snap the lock during the ride, just wrap it around steering bar.
Where to park your Whoosh scooter?
You can only park your Whoosh scooter on city bike parking racks marked in the application - special stands for secure bicycle parking purposes.

We show you all suitable and authorized parking racks on the map in the application at the end of your trip. There are more than two hundreds of them, all of them are within the Boulevard Ring of Moscow.
How to park your Whoosh scooter?
Go to the parking lot, it will be shown in the application. Click "Finish the trip" and follow the instructions in the application.

Attach the scooter firmly against the parking rack. Wrap the lock cable around the rack. Insert the rod into the lock. It is important to make sure that the rod clicks.

If the lock does not close, it means you may have just opened the lock in the app. If the lock was not closed, but you clicked to open the lock in the application. Wait a few seconds until the lock closes. Then re-insert the rod into the lock, holding the rod tightly inside the lock. Make sure the lock is closed.

The application will ask you to take a photo of the place where the scooter is parked, how it is attached to the parking rack and a photo confirming that the lock is closed. So we will make sure that the scooter and the lock is in order and the parking is done correctly.

According to our terms and conditions of the service, the lack of photos and incorrect parking (for example, not to an authorized bike parking rack, but to a shop stop pole) is a reason for a fine.
How to snap the lock?
Just by hands. Put scooter steering bar near bike parking rack, wrap the cable tightly and insert the bolt in to the lockhead. Check the bolt is blocked. That's it!
How to snap the lock when you've finished a ride?
No way. You need to start a new ride, then snap the lock and finish the ride.
Where can I ride?
Your routes can be within the entire Garden Ring of Moscow. If you need to park your Whoosh scooter, for now it must be done inside the Boulevard Ring of Moscow. You can find the parking zones and riding zones on the application map.

Stay on bike lanes, be as careful as possible on sidewalks. Avoid the roadway, dismount at road crossings.
What should I do if I left the permitted riding area?
The application and the scooter will make a signal that you are crossing the border. Turn around and drive back. The engine of the scooter will shut down as soon as you drive out of the permitted driving zone. The map in the application will help you to orient oneself - a zone with accessible parking lots and a zone for trips are marked there.

If the scooter continues to move away from the Garden Ring of Moscow, we will suspect the user in attempting to steal the scooter. The Whoosh platform will lock all the wheels and permanently deactivate the battery of the scooter, and the user will fined.
What are the Whoosh ride fares?
The start fare is 50 rubles to start the trip and then 5 rubles per minute. New rates will appear in the service application.

We will block 500₽ on you card while your ride's on. When you finish your ride, the blocked amount'll be released and we'll charge your card according rate applied.
What kind of scooters does Whoosh have?
Whoosh scooters accelerate to 20 km (12,5 miles) per hour, the battery lasts for 30 km (18,5 miles). They have stable pneumatic wheels and two types of brakes: electric and mechanical (disc), the ride will be soft and safe.

Whoosh is proud of our electric scooters. Outside they are completely ordinary, but the inside is completely customized. The Whoosh team turned scooters into an Internet of Things (IoT) device - they are always in touch with the cloud platform. It automatically controls the state and location of the scooter through sensors, GPS and GSM modem, prevents theft.
I need to go inside of a building, what should I do?
You can't bring a scooter inside of buildings. For this, according to the the Whoosh terms and conditions, a fine will be charged. Attach you scooter to the nearest bicycle parking rack marked on the map in the app, and complete the ride.

If you do not want to complete your trip, just attach your scooter to the nearest available metal structure such as a fence or railing. To do this, use the lock icon in the lower left corner of the map. Make sure that the scooter does not interfere with pedestians.
Where to read the user agreement?
In the Whoosh application under the "About Us" tab there is a full text of the user agreement. We suggest you to read it and confirm your agreement with the service terms and conditions while getting registered.
The scooter is damaged. What to do?
Please tell about it to our tech support via the application - just click the (!) icon, call +7 495 414 3026 or telegram us @whoosh_bot.

If you are not involved in the incident, tell us the code of the scooter - it is written under the QR code on the steering wheel. We will be very grateful for this information.

If something happens with the scooter during your trip, please contact us, we need to figure out what to do with it.
In which cities is the service available?
For now, Moscow only. But we are ambitious and want to make Whoosh a global service - to be available in different cities and countries. If you want to become our partner and develop kick sharing in your city, please write us.
How to get and activate a promo code? How to get bonuses and discounts?
You can get a promo code during campaigns in social media. Here is our Instagram account. You need to activate the promo code under the "Free trips" tab before the trip in your app.

You can also invite your friends to install the app and when they start using the service, you will receive bonuses. More info is in the "Trips as a gift" tab in the app.
Do I need to charge my scooters myself?
No, users do not need to charge their scooters. Charging and maintaining scooters are done by the Whoosh team. But we plan to give an opportunity to those who wish to charge our scooters for money. Do you want to be among them? Leave a request here.
I'm just wondering what happens if someone tries to steal a scooter?
We will hunt you and kill you. Joke. Whoosh scooters are always in touch with the cloud platform. This magic automatically controls all conditions and location of the scooter. And the scooter itself is a smart IoT device with sensors, GPS and GSM modem. If a platform or a scooter itself suspect an attempted theft, they will begin to prevent it in various ways. For example, security will go to the coordinates of the scooter. The user who rented a scooter instantly pays a huge fine. If the theft still takes place, the platform will literally ruin the scooter - make it so that all its electronics, battery and engine cannot be repaired.

Well, do not steal them. Better drive and enjoy the service. And we will make sure that everything works even better.
What does 'whoosh' mean and who are 'whooshers'?
"Whoosh" is pronounced [wu:sh]. This is a whistle of the wind, which is heard at a high speed. This is a sound that designate the situation when you are no longer here, but there. This is our name. Whooshers are Whoosh users who share our values. We love them very much, to be honest.
Why do you need sharing of scooters?
We made sharing of Whoosh electric scooters so that you can easily and easily travel a few kilometers. From your metro station to your office. From your office to a coffee shop, where you meet with friends. With us, even with traffic jams of 10 points, you can get to any meeting on time!

The electric scooter is 5X faster than a pedestrian, and 3X faster than a car or public transport at peak times.

And just riding a scooter around Moscow is a real pleasure!
No answer to your question? Please ask, we shall answer!
Telegram bot is @whoosh_bot, Instagram and Facebook.