Two scooters
for two people
October 27, 2022
One of the main objectives of Whoosh is to improve the safety of e-scooters by applying the latest tech solutions. This August, the company started to test a new algorithm detecting when two people are riding the same scooter at the same time. Rides like that are unsafe, as users can easily lose their balance on the moving vehicle.
Whoosh develops all technological solutions within in order to reach maximum control for the scooter operation. Aggregating and analyzing data from a scooter's sensors allows this new algorithm to determine how many people are riding a particular scooter. The technology is much more sophisticated than just measuring the driver's weight, it considers multiple parameters of the scooter and the ride.
One of the most difficult issues is to understand how accurately we have determined that there really is more than one person on the scooter, and then decide what we shall do about it. Giving a fine immediately or stopping the ride would be a bad scenario, especially in the early stage of the technology implementation. Most likely we will reduce the speed of the scooter, send a notification and additionally inform the driver why this is not a good idea to ride this way . If the situation repeats, we will probably give a fine or block the account.
Whoosh press secretary

Two-person rides are forbidden by the rules of the service. Each user is informed about it by sticker-signs on the scooters as well as during the video-training once the Whoosh app is installed. Still, violations take place from time to time and users may incur a fine.

To improve riding culture and safety, Whoosh launched an e-scooter driving school. On the service's website and app, users can learn the rules of safe and ethical riding free of charge and even get a promo code for a discount.

The technology for detecting two-person rides is a part of the Whoosh Data analytics project. In the future, the service is planning to implement algorithms to detect underage riders, rate driving styles and even measure pavement smoothness.
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