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About us
Whoosh was born from the idea that city residents should be able to easily reach any destination that's important to them within 15 minutes.

We believe all communities deserve access to smart, affordable mobility. We aim to fill the gap between a 10-minute walk and 10-km rides by providing a new way of mobility.
Our goal is to reduce pollution and leave future generations with a cleaner and healthier planet.
Sustainable and inclusive last-mile mobility solutions that enable people to move freely while helping cities reach their 2030 climate targets.
Electric scooter and bike sharing services have become an integral part of the socio-economic development of metropolitan areas. Making e-scooter hire schemes available is an important way of decarbonising transport, reducing air pollution, and tackling congestion – all challenges shared by cities across Europe.
We believe
micro-mobility is
the future
of modern
urban agglomerations
Smart, affordable and quality sharing micro-mobility service will help us to make our cities cleaner and more sustainable.
Needs of every city are different
We know the needs of every city are different, and we want to be close to our customers and fellow citizens. That’s why we are setting up local companies in countries across Europe, combining our knowledge and operational experience with local, on-the-ground perspectives so we can design and operate programs that work for towns and cities, big and small. This helps us to adapt to each city’s different needs. We understand that the road infrastructure, differences in local regulations, and even the weather can make a difference to how e-scooter programs work, and our city-centric approach helps us adapt to best meet these needs.
We use parking areas to avoid cluttering
We understand the frustrations that cities have when scooters are dumped, causing cluttering of the streets. That's why we have a no-free-floating model – our e-scooters can only be picked up and parked in designated parking areas that we agree upon with municipal authorities.
More available scooters to ride
We commit to moving incorrectly parked scooters within a few hours. This is not just about being good partners – the success of our business relies on as many scooters being available to ride as possible.
This helps us to manage how scooters are parked, avoiding clutter on roads and significantly reducing vandalism and theft, as well as improving service efficiency.
100% in-house operations
We are investing in cities all across Europe. We don’t outsource our field operations, and we are proud to directly employ over 1,500 staff across Europe.
Our trained teams ensure excellent performance and quality of services. This helps us facilitate an excellent performance of city operations with a trained team and ensures quality.
Modern fleet
The vehicle that carries you is very important, it has to be safe, modern, and pleasant to use.
We have class A scooters from the global market leader Segway-Ninebot.
Our entire fleet is equipped with swappable batteries.
Safety first
As a new mode of transportation, roll- out of e-scooter operations requires educating users, pedestrians, and drivers about micro-mobility.
We cover everything from how an e-scooter works to when and how to use them, as well as respect for pedestrians and other road users and safe and effective parking.
Our online and offline Whoosh Driving School teaches people about e-scooter safety.
Whoosh serves
Every City
with a local team
Every city we serve is powered
by our local Whoosh Service team that numbers over 1,500 staff across Europe.

We hire, train, and provide opportunities to locals who support our mission. Check out our hiring page if you'd like to become a part of this movement.
WSH Mobility – the independent provider of city mobility in Eastern Europe. The company's headquarters are located in Lisbon, Portugal.

There are several companies operating in Europe with the Whoosh brand: Whoosh PT Unipessoal LDA in Portugal, Whoosh Mobility HU Kft in Hungary, WHOOSH PL sp. z o. o. in Poland. The Russian company operating the similar brand Whoosh is not a part of the WSH Mobility group. Click here to read more about Whoosh Russia.

We take great care of our customers' personal data: the company's data centers are located in Ireland, and we are fully GDPR-compliant.
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