To buy, or not to buy your own e-scooter?

September 24, 2022
Anyone who has already tried an e-scooter as a means of transport will sooner or later think about buying one of their own. In this article, we'll look into what problems personal and shared scooters solve, so you can make the right choice for yourself.
Whoosh users choose a shared scooter to be mobile and free in how they move around the city. If a traffic jam pops up near the office, we grab a scooter. If we're returning home in the evening from the bar, then a taxi is the way to go. A personal scooter is a big responsibility, while you can take a shared one when you need it, and leave it in a parking area when you're done.

The next issue is maintenance. Even a small vehicle like a scooter needs constant attention. If something breaks in the scooter, it is better to replace the parts with branded ones from the manufacturer. During the season, you'll need to build up the energy to clean off everything that's accumulated on the scooter during its use, which may be annoying and time consuming. At Whoosh, we have a big department responsible for the service and maintenance of scooters. Our service team repairs, washes and disinfects scooters on a daily basis, so you will be free from these routine issues.

Shared e-scooters also differ from personal ones: the latter are light, small and foldable, since people take them on the underground, put them in the cars and store them on shelves. Shared scooters are both comfortable and sturdy without any fragile elements in them: the steering wheel, the sole, the rack and the frame are solid, which makes them as safe and comfortable as possible.

And last, but not the least , our e-scooters
are smarter than consumer grade models
. Every whoosh-bike is equipped with an IoT-module, which stays constantly in touch with our own sharing platform. We can see all the information about the scooter's condition in real time and step in when help is needed. For example, when the system recognizes a theft attempt, it transmits a signal and a geotag to the RRT (Rapid Response Team), so no scooter can be stolen.
These are only a few examples of differences between shared and personal scooters. Whoosh suggests data-driven, tech, and smart solutions to make micro mobility transport a harmonious part of the city.
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