Sorry, but you can't complete your ride right now :(
How to complete a ride?
Park the scooter on its kickstand.
If the scooter doesn't have a lock or it won't open -
just park it so it doesn't interfere with anyone, away from major pedestrian areas.
Failed to load parking area map.
We know that you can't view parking areas, so we understand if you might not park in one. But please don't leave the scooter on a street, in a building, on a lawn, or anywhere it might interfere with someone.
Park the scooter on its kickstand
And, if you can, lock the scooter to a parking rack.
Take a picture and message us what happened
Take a photo
Take a picture of where you left the scooter. Just make sure you save it on your phone.
You can leave
You don't have to guard the scooter :)
You can contact us in the app
As soon as the app starts working again, you can complete the trip, message us in the app and send photos.
We'll complete your ride for you
If you can't complete it yourself, send us photos of the scooter (handlebars with the name, lock, and full view), and we'll complete the trip for you.
We'll refund any time the scooter was idle
We'll refund any unused minutes
When the scooter was just standing idle and you were waiting for the app to work.
You'll be emailed a refund receipt automatically
refund speed depends on your bank, but it usually takes 3-7 days.
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