Partnership program by Whoosh
The market of micromobility and electric transport of the "last mile" is growing worldwide rapidly! Join us! Start Whoosh kicksharing in the cities around the World anywhere you are from!
How to start kicksharing business with Whoosh?
Whoosh team turned scooters into IoT smart vehicles - they are always online and connected to the Whoosh Cloud Platform, provided to manage and monitor your fleet in details of their GPS position, status, health and performance rates.

We developed intuitive user and service applications, picked up the ideal scooter model and learned how to quickly upgrade them.

You buy Whoosh scooters, we connect them to the Whoosh Cloud Platform - and they immediately start working and earn. Charging, repairing, maintaining of the scooters in your city is on the partner's side and expense. Don't forget to get permission from the Administration of your City as a first step to undertake to comply with City regulation of transportation and parking.
around 55K USD of investments to start in your city
Return of investments
Royalty fee, depends from the region and number of scooters
100 IoT equipped smart scooters
within 3 months
Partnership in Figures
What does the Whoosh partner get?
First of all, quick, easy and investments affordable entry to a fast-growing market without additional hidden fees.
Global customer base
All Global users of Whoosh service become yours as well
Whoosh User's Application
for Android and iOS with very high evaluation by real users in App stores.
Access to Whoosh Cloud Platform
Originaly developed by Whoosh team, provided with very flexible managment tools to control fleet of the scooters and operational performance data.
Whoosh Service Application
specially designed for service and workshop of the Whoosh smart scooters.
Support of all Whoosh SW tools and Cloud Platfrom
We keeping it updated with new service features and bugs fixed.
We come along with the partners' issues and ready to conduct and lead our partner to tune their operational processes to increase effectivity
Need to know more details? Contact us and we advise!
Mobile phone
City to start Whoosh
How many scooters are you going to order?