Whoosh arrives
at Lisbon
July 18, 2022
To facilitate mobility in urban centers, the city of Lisbon has just received around 2,000 e-scooters from Whoosh, the kick sharing service with virtual parking throughout the city. There are several novelties: Whoosh can only be left in the virtual parking lot stipulated in the application and technically, the service limits the speed of all equipment and also controls the way in which they are left on city streets.
Whoosh, kick-sharing service scooters, will be available from the 15th of July, as a means of transport, to Lisbon residents. The objective of this new service is to develop a transport model based on e-scooters: a wide network of virtual car parks throughout the city, where you can start and finish a ride, complement the public transport infrastructure and allow citizens to be mobile even during peak hours.

Parking lots are located within walking distance from each other and cover from Alfragide and Parque das Nações, for instance, to city center like Arroios ou Principe Real. The speed is limited on all devices to 25 km/h, and prior to an initial ride, each user will be asked to go through a ride rules briefing in the app, which will explain how to behave on an e-scooter in an urban environment.

The unlock fee is 0.5 euro, the ride costs 0.15 euro per minute. The cost of the trip can change according to the dynamic pricing algorithm – depending on demand, the number of available scooters, their charge level and other parameters. For those who use scooters regularly, the Whoosh Pass subscription is beneficial: it does not pay an unlock fee, weekly subscription costs 1.49 euro, for a monthly subscription the user will pay 3.99 euro. New users can try the subscription for seven and thirty days for free. For new users, there is a discount using the LETSRIDE promo code, it must be activated before the start of the trip.
Whoosh takes care of the order on the streets and believes that scooters should not interfere with pedestrians and other road users. Therefore, you can complete the trip on the scooter of this service only at special points – virtual parking spots marked in the app with the "P" sign. Parking places are located in such a way that scooters do not interfere with the movement of pedestrians and cars.

A dedicated Whoosh operational team makes sure that scooters are well-charged, in good conditions, and located in right places on the streets: the team members line up scooters evenly if someone has parked carelessly, evenly redistribute them between parkings so that scooters in the right amount are always at hand. Travel ban zones cover from Alfragide and Parque das Nações, for instance, to city center like Arroios ou Principe Real) are introduced in places not intended for electric scooters: it will not be possible to ride a scooter on Rua Augusta, for instance.

Whoosh has set technical limits on all of its scooters: they can only accelerate to 25 km/h; when entering slow zones, such as walking streets or crowded places like Placa central da Rotunda do Marquês de Pombal, Praça dos Restauradores e Jardim da Estrela, the speed will be automatically reduced to 20 km/h, and when entering a prohibited for scooters in the area, the device emits a special sound signal and stops. All zones are marked in the app.

Whoosh bets on and promotes micromobility through the use of e-scooters and for that reason launched an online riding school: in the app and on the website of the service, anyone can learn the safe riding rules for free. Passing the short training, you must pass the test, and then a discount will be given complimentary to everyone who took the training. The company invests its sources and attention in streamlining traffic and strives to convey to citizens the importance of following the rules for the ethical behavour on scooters.

It is increasingly evident, nowadays, that many people choose e-scooters as a way of transportation for dealing with day-to-day matters - there are millions of people who use them daily as a mean to get where they want. As of today, Whoosh e-scooters will be available to Lisbon residents, whose main objective of the service is to create a culture of driving/using e-scooters and harmonizing their presence on the city's streets.
Scooters are a new type of urban transport that is here to stay. Having Lisbon national goals set for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. greenhouse effect, renewable energy and energy efficiency, as well as all the necessary measures, which have been defined, to decarbonize society in the next decade, it would make sense to bet even more in such a way of transportation. In 2021, 4 thousand tons of carbon dioxide were saved in all cities where our service is used. This means that, in Lisbon, the use of this transport should be encouraged to use a regular means of travel. Of course, for this to happen is crucial that the user always has a clean, charged and operational scooter, wherever they are – that is why we have a very specialized and experienced team on the field. Lisbon is a beautiful city, with a rich history and a great future. We are happy to grow together and help make it even more attractive and comfortable for residents and tourists alike.
Lauri Truve, the stakeholder of WSH Mobility
Each e-scooter is equipped with its own Whoosh IoT module (IoT from the Internet of Things, English), which allows to fully control the status and conditions of the vehicle, for example, monitor the location, charge level, real-time trip, receive information about the quality of the road surface, block in case of theft or withdraw from the lease in case of a malfunction. The data received from the devices allows the creation of analytical reports on micromobility, which can be taken into account by the urban authorities when planning and developing the city environment.
I am glad that the Whoosh approach to maintaining an order on the streets of our wonderful city is in line with the strategic goals of the Lisbon municipality: scooters should be friendly and convenient transport, and they should not annoy pedestrians. Our company suggests data-driven, tech, and rather smart solutions to develop e-scooters as a part of the ecosystem of the city. For example, our parking approach will cure the headache that has plagued the city for years.
Marco Rebelo, City Manager for Whoosh in Lisbon
In case assistance is required, the user can contact support. It works 24/7, in Portuguese and English, and the speed of response rate is one of the highest on the market: the user receives support from an operator (not a bot) in just a few minutes, which is essential for any person who is resident in a metropolis where they are used to fast and high-quality service.

The service fleet is one of the youngest in the industry and consists of modern models of scooters designed specifically for kicksharing. More than 2,000 Whoosh scooters operate in Lisbon.

With the launch of the service in Portugal, jobs will be created, mainly of a managerial and engineering nature, as well as conditions for permanent and seasonal work with local contractors, including small businesses and individuals. For example, for maintenance of the Whoosh fleet in Lisbon, around 100 people are planned to be engaged in a season.
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