Whoosh at
The Moscow Urban Forum

June 28, 2021
Whoosh, the short term e-scooter rental service, takes part in the Moscow Urban Forum 2021 congress on megacity development for the first time.

Founder and CEO of the service, Dmitry Chuiko, will speak at the "Dialogue of Leaders" at the Moscow Plenary Hall alongside Dmitry Snesar (VTB), Violet Bulz (European Commission for Transport), Daniil Shuleiko ("Yandex") and Mohamed Mezghani (International Association of Public Transport).

The speakers will discuss strategies for transport development in megacitieses, behaving as safely as possible when using transport, especially in the context of the pandemic, and the use of public transport in the event of a drop in traffic.

Dmitry Chuiko, founder and CEO of Whoosh:
"E-scooters have become part of the urban transport system. Moscow's experience is cutting-edge. Initiatives and projects are aimed at developing this type of transport. This experience can be replicated in other regions, and we are ready to help and support cities in modifying their infrastructure to facilitate the creation of policies for scooters and to make their use safer. As a micromobility transport leader, we are ready to share our expertise and further develop the convenience and safety of kicksharing together."
The Moscow Urban Forum is the largest international congress dedicated to challenges in the development of global megalopolises. The forum has been held annually since 2011. The MUF brings together representatives of city administrations in Russia and throughout the world, architects, urban planners, developers, heads of financial companies, investors, tech startups, media representatives and ordinary citizens.
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