Whoosh launches the first electric scooter hackathon
13 July 2021
Whoosh has launched the first urban micro mobile transport hackathon in Russia. The participants will be tasked with increasing the efficiency and safety of routes and improving cities' transport accessibility. The winners will share a prize pool of 300,000 rubles and gift certificates from Skillbox. The event is being supported by the Moscow Department of Transport and the Center for Traffic Management.

Developers, data scientists and analysts interested in the topic of transport will have to find solutions to improve the service. The presentation of tasks, a mentoring session and the first wave of critical design review will be held online.

You can join the hackathon in both groups of 2 to 5 people, and as single participant. Single participants will then be put into groups by the organizers.

"We are constantly improving our service and looking for ways to make e-scooters the most convenient and safe last-mile transport. The hackathon is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in current transport issues and solve them with the help of modern technology," says Dmitry Chuiko, the founder of Whoosh.

The best solutions will be implemented in Whoosh, and the winners will have the opportunity to participate job interviews and become part of the development team.

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