The present and potential future of scooters discussed at Russia's first kicksharing forum
October 27, 2021
On October 21, Moscow hosted the first "Kicksharing Congress", the All-Russian Kicksharing Industry Conference. Leading companies, city representatives, federal authorities and public organizations, as well as Russian and foreign experts and concerned customers discussed the development of the market, issues of legal regulation and the improvement of urban infrastructure.

E-scooters are a new type of transport. This past season has confirmed this idea. As part of the discussion, the speakers talked about how kicksharing has been integrated into the general public transport system in Moscow.
Magomed Kolgaev, Head of Sharing Projects at the Moscow Department of Transport:
"In our opinion, the main goal of kicksharing development is to solve transport problems. Muscovites actively use electric scooters, especially when commuting from their homess to various transport hubs. This year we introduced a new requirement for e-scooter rental services: no more than 30% of the total scooters should be inside the Garden Ring, no more than 30% between the Garden Ring and the Third Transport Ring, and 40% outside the Third Transport Ring [referring to the ring roads surrounding the centre of Moscow]. This decision has had a positive effect, electric scooters have appeared in residential areas, which is where they are needed most".
Dmitry Chuyko, Whoosh CEO and founder
"Modern trends in urban development suggest that a comfortable life in a city is possible if basic amenities are available within a 15-minute radius of a person's place of residence or work. Scooter-sharing increases this space by 5 times, making the city a more comfortable place to live in."
Philip Reinkens representing one of the largest micro mobile transport sharing services in Europe TIER, told about the company's experience in 150 cities in 16 countries in both Central and Eastern Europe, saying, "Many European cities are changing their infrastructure and legal framework in order to integrate PMV's into the urban transport system.
Kicksharing has the potential to relieve traffic congestion, ease stress and improve public transport, as well as enhance traffic speed and improve road safety. Despite the widespread response, accidents involving e-scooters occur significantly more rarely than accidents caused by car drivers and motorcyclists.
Whoosh co-founder, Oleg Zhuravlev , gave statistics on accidents involving scooters and other vehicles in his speech. The number of negative incidents with scooters is approximately equal to the number of accidents involving tractors and trolleybuses. He also recalled that 93% of accidents involving scooters occur on private devices , which are not regulated or controlled in any way. Scooters, which form part of the sharing network, are systematically monitored. Zhuravlev compared the attempts to introduce regulation for sharing companies as similar to finding your keys not in their last known location, but in an obvious place, simply because it's easier.
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