Whoosh launches
an e-bike sharing service
September 27, 2021

Whoosh is the leader in the micro mobile transport sector and it continues to develop its product line. Users can now rent e-bikes in the app. The pilot project was launched in Moscow. E-bikes have a greater range and can become an alternative mode of transport for those who prefer the size of their mode of transport to be more familiar.

E-bike parking areas are marked with a "Р" icon in the app and correspond with parking areas for scooters. To park, you need to remove the parking cable from the dip in the rear fender and attach it to a special hole on the rear fender of the e-bike and tie it round the parking rack. As long as the cable is fixed in the hole, the wheel will be blocked.

According to existing traffic rules, a bicycle can ride along cycle paths or, if there aren't any, along the edge of the road. Riding on the sidewalk is only permitted under exceptional circumstances.

The e-bike is controlled by a proprietary IoT module, it transmits telemetry about the device to the cloud platform, which analyzes the data and sends commands back to the e-bike and to the user's app. The IoT module, platform and app are all developed by Whoosh specialists.
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