E-scooter turns out as an air quality monitoring station
September 7, 2022
In Whoosh, we do scooter-sharing to give people a greener and more modern alternative to existing transport. We pay close attention to reducing our environmental footprint, ensuring our scooters' long-term and efficient use. In the end, our goal is to make transport beneficial both to people and the environment. In this article, we will look at our recent project aimed at reducing air pollution in cities.
The problem of air pollution in urban areas has never been more pressing. According to the United Nations statistics, 9 out of 10 people worldwide breathe air containing levels of pollutants that exceed World Health Organization limits. Getting relevant and high-quality data on air quality is a crucial step to solving this complex problem. And that is what we did in Whoosh.

We partnered with CityAir, an air quality solutions developer, to start a joint study of urban air quality. We equipped 8 of our scooters with special mini-stations, consisting of a dust meter and a nitrogen dioxide (NO2) sensor. NO2 is a harmful gas that gets in the air from burning fuel, usually from vehicles' emissions. According to the EPA, breathing a high concentration of NO2 over short periods can aggravate respiratory diseases, particularly asthma, leading to coughing or breathing difficulties. To reduce NO2 emissions, we give people eco-friendly and affordable transportation alternative. With CityAir, we turn our scooters into mobile air quality monitoring stations that provide us with up-to-date and high-quality data on the air condition in every place of the city.
Our mini-stations send air quality data on average every 15 seconds. While users ride our scooters daily in different parts of the city, we get a fairly accurate picture of the city's air condition and discover the most polluted areas. Using our data, city administrations will make informed decisions about neighborhood greening, street cleaning, and city development to reduce the concentration of pollutants. Additionally, citizens will be able to decide whether to take their children out for a walk, play sports outdoors, or better to stay at home.

To date, we received over 3,000,000 measurements from our 8 e-scooters.

As expected, the sensors showed high concentrations of pollutants along motorways, fluctuating during the day depending on rush hours — we can see a similar pattern in every big city.

Whoosh works hard to make scooter-sharing a harmonious part of urban life. For us, a project like that is an essential part of our strategy to make life in the city safe and comfortable for everyone.
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